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Apr. 25th, 2011

I start my new job tomorrow!! ... um... Today!!
I must spend most of my Monday stocking up on black shirts and trousers and possibly some new shoes.

Today was International Chocolate Appreciation Day! It was also St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen's Day. Oh, and apparently Easter or something as well. I only had a little chocolate today and felt sick - I've not had chocolate for a while, to be fair, if you discount Hot Chocolate drinks.

I also re-watched The Impossible Astronaut and I think I've got my feelings nailed down. I love Matt smith. I hate Steven Moffat. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you...

For god's sake, Steven Moffat, will you write a different story? It's been the same story four times in a row, now.
The Big Bang - Future Doctor rescues past doctor from prison. Time Buggery.
A Christmas Carol - Doctor changes past to save future self. Time Buggery.
Time / Space - Future Doctor tells past Doctor what button to press. Time Buggery.
The Impossible Astronaut - Future Doctor leaves messages and a mission for past doctor to help save himself. Time Buggery.

If these stories were spaced out over, say, four years, it might not be so bad. It'd probably still be a little irksome. But, back to back - it's so fucking annoying. Moffat, you CAN write different stories, so will you fucking DO IT? We don't need this! The Empty Child is awesome!
Also! Also! The Doctor doesn't need a 'FUNNY LINE' every three seconds. Watch any Tom Baker episode and you'll realise that it's not the lines, it's the delivery. Matt Smith is a good actor and, in my opinion, a good Doctor. But, JESUS! Watch Death of the Doctor - the SJA episode he's in - and you'll see a massive difference. I was never RTD's biggest fan, but, really, I'm starting to think he had some secret Moffat has missed.
A screen writer's job is, I think, to disappear. The more you 'realise' that what's being said is scripted, the more of the fourth wall crumbles. Too, too often, I find myself watching a Moffat script and realising 'this is a script', 'that's a Moffat line' or else 'stop fucking repeating yourself!'

Also, names. Dave. Other Dave. Bob. Geoff. Jim the fish. Someone buy him a big book of interesting names.

I had my criticisms of RTD - but they built up over his four years in office. The emo-Doctor of 'I'm so sorry' repetition. How there was always ONE Dalek ship that escaped. There was always a 'rift in time and space', somewhere. And Journey's End made NO SENSE, but it looked good and was a nerd fest.
Moffat has made his mark, and then traced over it again and again. The mistakes he made haven't been corrected and he seems really reluctant to make any attempt to do so.
Here's looking forward to the Neil Gaiman episode and the other none-Moffat ones, too.

Oh, by the way, my new theory on River Song; she's the Doctor's executioner, or someone hired to kill him in some way, but because the Doctor knew all about her before she even met him, he was able to use his knowledge to talk her out of the deed, or something like that.

*rubs forehead*

Okay, happy thoughts! Um... Someone give me happy thoughts!


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