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"Jenkins! Chap with the wings there -- five rounds rapid."

Goodbye, Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart Aka, Nicholas Courtney. You'll be missed.
Closest to losing a Doctor I've ever come, so far. :( This has seriously upset me now.

Feb. 21st, 2011

Today was a day of not muchery.

I applied for about five or six jobs, including the local newsagents who were actually advertising. But, I've applied there about ten million times in the past and never got so much as a 'sorry, fuck off'. Meh, we'll see, I suppose. There was also a job at a shop in Preston and one in Widnes. I think one of the others was some cleaner job in Wigan.
What depresses me (and I may have mentioned this before) is the fact that for every job there's about 900 other people applying at the same time. :( Especially minimum wage jobs, and I'm not exactly qualified for much else, really.

Okay, peoples. Opinions...

Which is better?


In other news...

Gah! I hate first drafts. Even first plans of first drafts. It's been SO LONG since I did a first plan that I've forgotten how PAINFUL it can be. You know what happens at point A, you know what happens at point S and you know what happens at point Z. BUT ALL THE OTHER LETTERS KEEP RUNNING AWAY! ;_;
I've always had it in my head that The Timeless Stone is much more epic than the previous two books - a lot of shit happens and a lot of important character development happens. But most of that is in the middle and end. The Beginning, the end of the beginning and the bits leading up to the end from the middle are being all evasive and poking me in the face.
My old trick of plotting out the journey on the map isn't working very well, either. Part of me thinks this means it'll end up being a good book after I bleed the details out of my not-working brain... Or it'll just be; "durhrbjabjkas,.... Diyn said "adhklasd" and then Rob went all "whhaaaa??" and then the wizard appeared and was all phiopfeasdhnipa with the qsfenasfdnlasfd and the end."


I got a rather amusing pamphlet from the NHS today; all about blood donation. I mention it because of one hilarious picture that makes me laugh.

Now, is it just me, or does that guy look REALLY creepy in that picture. Even the nurse is sort of leaning away from him with a cynical look.

And finally...


A cat who means business. He / She should team up with Business wizard. THEY'D TAKE OVER THE CITY!


The rest of the creepy guy's adventures in blood giving land...


Feb. 18th, 2011

Agh! Now I have chapped lips. I wonder if this is a result of excessive Kiwifruit or the cold wind or both. D:

Anyway, today at the café I got a call from a sales person trying to get us to change our electricity line. So I said "Can you hang on a minute?" and then put the phone to the side, leaving them on the line and wasting their money. I do that a lot. They usually only last about five minutes. This guy lasted TEN! So I decided to have a bit of fun. Using my iPhone, I started playing weird music to him like THIS and THIS until he realised I was taking the piss and put the phone down. XD

I started reading Lavondyss, the sequel to Mythago Wood. A lot of the reviews said it was highly superior to the first book. So far it seems to be. MW was quite hard to get into and had a really slow start. This one has a much more intriguing opening, a more interesting protagonist and so the writing style has improved immensely. So, I'm going to soldier on with this. It's short (compared to the Memory, Sorrow & Thorn and Otherland books I've been reading) and feels like it'll be a fun read. I do like a lot of the ideas in Mythago - that ideas and stories can become real and manifest. The older the story, the more powerful and stronger the manifestation.

THE DOCTOR WHO EXPERIENCE looks amazingly cool! :D All those Daleks! And the TARDIS console!! If you look through the other galleries there's the Eccelston console and the Davison console!! As well as THE COSTUMES (minus nine, for some reason?? Maybe it's still in Cardiff...)! OMG! EIGHT'S COSTUME!! ^_____^
I am very excited about this whole thing! Hope to go in, um, March?? *nudges proskynesis  *

And finally...

I need to get back to working on The Sea-Stone Sword soon. I've been putting it off by doing supposedly 'Important things', like job hunting and sleeping...

Feb. 17th, 2011

OH... MY... GOD!!! Oh god! Why did no one tell me about kiwi fruit!?!?! OMNOMNOM!! My mother got a box of six of them the other day and my brothers and I got slightly carried away with them. BECAUSE THEY'RE FUCKING DELICIOUS! And today, while in Burscough to give out CVs and application forms, I popped into Tesco and found the kiwifruits and bought another two boxes of them. Seriously, I was wandering through the shop going "WHERE ARE THEY!?! WHERE ARE THEY!?!" D:

... Anyway...

I finished reading Otherland Volume 2: River of Blue Fire. Nowhere near as good as the first book. But the ending shocked me a bit. Wasn't expecting that. 0_0
I am wondering if I should carry on with this series now or do something else first. Hmm. I'll see how I feel later on.

The only card I got for Valentines...

... Was an Organ Donor card. ;D

Yes, I'm feeling like a very happy little socialist this week. XD


I have too much rubbish blood...

I gave blood today! :D

It's been nearly three years since I was in hospital for that operation thing, (fundoplication, bitches!), but I still had to tell them about it for, I don't know, medical reasons. pfft.
It was amusing because the nurses had no idea what the condition was so I had to describe it in detail. Which is always fun. :\
So, yep, now I has less blood and feel a little dizzy. But I'm also quite happy. I assume I needed some blood while I was in surgery, so I like to feel like I've balanced my account, as it were. ;) I've made an appointment to give blood again in July (well before the Finland trip, folks, so don't worry). I hear if you give a certain amount of blood you get a special badge or something. I WANT IT! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT I WANT IT! XD
On a side note, they took my e-mail address and so forth. It got me thinking - a great little waste of resources idea would be to e-mail people who give blood every time their blood is used to save a life. You get little blood points or something. Build them up enough and you get a toaster! Or maybe a new kidney, I don't know...

Maybe all this dizziness is affecting my brain and I'm talking nonsense. Hmm. That's always a possibility regardless of blood giving.


I heard back from that Library job today. Nothing definite, but they said they're still considering my application and I should expect to hear something in the next month. So that... good? I suppose... But they said they had a large volume of applicants... Which means I'm screwed, basically.

What the W-T-F?

I am personally upset and very unhappy at any situation in which I am forced to agree with anything said by anyone as insanely bigoted and ignorant as my work colleague, the trainee chef. But Saturday involved a somewhat heated discussion over abortion, with me and trainee on one side and Nicola and chef on the other side (as opposed to the usual situation with me Vs all of them). It started with, I think, a discussion about the cuts to the NHS that the conservatives are trying to bring in. Someone mentioned abortion doctors and Nicola said "I think all abortion doctors should be killed on sight."
I'm sure you're all well aware of the various pro and anti choice arguments that are out there so I won't bother reiterating them. But mister trainee came to my defence by saying that his own mother had had a pregnancy that would have been fatal if not for an abortion and so on. He gave examples such as a case of rape. We eventually talked her down to saying that abortion is 'okay' if the woman was raped or in serious risk of death. I count that as a win, considering she began the discussion at 'KILL THE ABORTION DOCTORS!!'
Her rational, it turned out, was motivated by the fact that her cousin was born autistic and she is convinced that, if the government got its way, he'd have been aborted. (To which I responded; "what part of the word 'choice' do you not understand? People can choose to go through with a pregnancy or not. It's a choice."*)
But, yes, an odd situation.
This new alliance was somewhat damaged almost immediately by mister trainee asserting that the only people who he thinks should be killed on sight are homosexuals. For no other reason, it seems, than that they are 'creepy' and he doesn't want any men trying to chat him up. :\

Can't win them all, I suppose.

In other news...

David Cameron wrote an article in today's Guardian / Observer. In it he said "And if someone wants to help out with children, we will sweep away the criminal record checks and health and safety laws that stop them."
Ian Huntley must be pleased with this... I really have a hard time believing half the stuff Cameron says. I mean, either he's being ironic, or really, really cold hearted and cruel. Or just plain stupid.
Well, mister serial killer, I'm sure you'll be perfect to look after our children. Here, hold these knives and bottles of poison while I go on a trip for five days. Don't worry, I'm sure you don't need health and safety laws. They just get in the way. Oh that? Oh it's just some bleach I left pouring on the kitchen floor. I'm sure it's safe.

I can't think of much else to say now. I'm in shock.
Instead, I'm going to go back to reading Otherland Volume 2: River of Blue fire in your pants. So far not as good as volume 1, but I have high hopes.

*Side note, a few weeks back when she'd added me on Facebook, she temporarily changed her profile picture to a statement reading "I asked god for a miracle and he gave me my autistic cousin." Which, at first, I thought was some sort of joke in bad taste until she told me she actually has an autistic cousin. Sorry, it just sounded a lot like something that was really edgy, and, given she'd told me earlier that she didn't believe in god (though she does believe in a lot of crazy crap) I thought it might have been a dig at religion or something.
Have I really been that desensitised to dark humour? XD

I AM the BBC!!!

Today the BBC sent me an e-mail offering me a job!!!

Well, not really. They said they thought I might be suited to a job at the new Salford centre thing they're building. So they told me to do this incredibly LOOOONNNNGGGG application on-line. There was about half an hour of 'watch this scenario and tell us what YOU would do!' and then 'tell us how you like to work in an office environment' and then an hour of 'read this stuff' and then a series of questions about the stuff I just read. The last section was 'personality' and had questions about 'do you get along with other people easily?' and 'are you trustworthy?' The best bit was, at the start of this personality section it said; "Please answer these questions honestly. If you do not WE WILL FIND OUT and you will be in danger of LOSING YOUR JOB!! D: My god! They might find out I get uneasy around other people! GASP!

In other news...


In further news...

I spent the last two days reading Otherland by Tad Williams. Buddha's balls! Whatever he did between writing The Dragonbone Chair.... I mean, yeah, it's more than ten years between them, but fuck, he's like a different author. It's kind of like The Matrix but with characters who are interesting. I've got book 2 in the series, River of Blue Flame and may start that today. :)

In special news...

I sent of tDP to the editor!! Eeeep! I'm quite nervous as the changes have been substantial. It's sometimes hard for me to keep track of what changes have been at what stages. I looked at the first ever draft (something NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO BE ALLOWED TO SEE EVER unless they ask me nicely and pay me) and was horrified! XD
I'm planning out both The Sea-Stone Sword and The Timeless Stone at the moment. The latter being the third in the main series and the former the first in the prequel series. That's not confusing at all!
Anyway, in tTS (see, I've already got my initialisms ready!) there's a cool scene with Philip and the revealing of one of the major FORESHADOWINGS. It's first uttered in the Pengish language (Irish Gaelic) and sounds pretty cool to me; "An faolchu ag deireadh an domhan." If you can translate it, go right ahead. ;D Not that it'll mean much to you unless you read the prologue to tTS (and the rest of the book, of course). So I don't know why I'm telling you all this other than to say "Ooooh! Shiny words!"

WHO is the best Doctor?

We all love the Doctor, I'm sure.
In modern times there tends to be a polarising issue between those who love a doctor and those who hate a doctor. But which doctors have invoked the most love and the most hate?
I did an incredibly unscientific, unrepresentative and unreliable test to see just who garners the strongest reactions. So I used google to search for, in quotes, "I love Matt Smith" and "I hate Matt Smith". I took the two results and made percentages to see which strong opinion got the best results. I did the same for each doctor. Then I used the numbers (1st, 2nd etc) and word numbers (first, second etc) and gathered all the results together in one big mess of a spreadsheet!

As you can see, the most hated Doctor is, only just, David Tennant. Yes, proskynesis  must be feeling very vindicated right about now. I'm sad that the Matt Smith hate is almost just as high.
But the statistics but Patrick Troughton as THE MOST LOVED DOCTOR because he has 99.97% love. He beats Eccelston because he has only 1 hate where Ec has 4.
Colin should be happy as he scores higher than Tom!
There's a lot less McCoy hate than I expected, I have to say. :)
The more modern Doctors have had the internet alongside them, so the numbers will be bumped in those cases. But, where people have expressed strong opinions of each Doctor, these are what I found. Numbers are one thing, the show is another.
I like this sort of data mining. Just for the curiosity.

Yes, I am a massive dork.


Business Wizard 2.0

Boredom can bring about many things.
Boredom, a wizard cloak, a pointy hat and a camera can bring about many things as well.

Those things may not always be very good. Point and case, BUSINESS WIZARD 2.0!!
Yes, I resurrected Business Wizard. This time armed with a copy of the Financial Times. XD
Business Wizard Means BusinessCollapse )

Ah, that was fun... Or was it?

Whenever my brothers and I get together in an evening and talk about ideas that might be amusing, the results are often... disturbing. One idea that has become a theme recently is a super-hero scenario where all the powers result in some sort of detriment. The tag line would be "You don't get a super power without paying the price." The better the power, the worst the effect on the rest of you. For example, a pointless power like Lazar pointer eyes would result in nose bleeds. But an awesome power like telekinesis would result in full body paralysis.
Mind reading? You go blind.
Airokinesis (controlling the air)? No legs for you.
Hydrokinesis (controlling water)? Broken liver.
Want to control fire? Well, now you can't control your bladder.
Precognition? You get to be a narcoleptic.
And so on and so forth. We eventually had to stop when I feared it would actually be incredibly offensive to people with disabilities. Which began an argument as to weather it was offensive or not. On the plus side, there's the general problem 'normal people with super power' things tend to get which is that once you've established the powers and the characters are all used to them and have a way of dealing with it... What do you do? I think that was Heroes' downfall - it had no direction after a while. Also, the powers limitations don't tend to get well defined.
I've always like the idea of making something with 'super heroes who are burdens of the state'. What do you think? Insensitive or a good idea?

At least it's not as obviously offensive as my idea for a sitcom about Yahweh, Odin and Krishna sharing a flat in Leeds. (With Yahweh going to see a psychiatrist who happens to be Buddha). XD

I got hold of the Analects of Confucius, but as he is constantly referred to as 'The Master' I am always laughing at it. D: I don't think that's the idea behind it, some how...
I finished watching Twin Peaks and all I can say is... What the ever-loving fuck!? :s
HOW'S ANNIE!!?? *smashes head against mirror* HOW'S ANNIE!! HAHAHAH!! *smash head again*
I'm told that Fire: Walk With Me (the film sequel / prequel for Twin Peaks) tries to explain some of it. But... fuck! It's weird. But it's good weird. I would recommend it to others, so it can't be that bad. XD
My brother is telling me to watch Eraserhead... Should I do this?

I'm putting some finishing touches to The Dinosaur Prince before I send it off to my editor this weekend. Meep! I hope it's still okay, given the changes I've made since last time he read it. The Writer's Workshop are being very supportive and seem quite confident about it - they've given me a reduced price on the re-read and are waving the printing costs - usually 10p a page, but with a 450 page manuscript that's still a bit of a cost. Also, my editor mentioned in our last conversation that he might be okay with a digital copy anyway. We'll see what happens.
If anyone has any last minute notes to give me before Saturday, let me know!

Having a bit of trouble with book three at the moment. It has a slow start and I'm not sure how to fix it. Adding random peril for the sake of peril is never good. Philip, being without companionship, is a difficult character to write at the moment. He's also being angsty which gets old fast (you'll understand why when I've finished The Ocean's Eye). But he does have one super cool scene that I need to write an outline for pretty soon. Until that happens, though, he has no goal and so he's kind of meandering which is painful to write.
Also, book three is the first time we get Rob having his own POV chapters. This is why I want to explore his back story a bit more and get a feel for his 'tortured soul' angle because it's a major theme in books 3 and 4. He's almost like Adonia's incarnation of the Eternal Champion - a powerful hero and leader of warriors, but a cursed and tortured psyche. I want to explore some of this aspect of him because he goes to visit a pseudo-Buddhist culture in an attempt to release his mental anguish. (This is partly why I've been reading so much Buddhist literature recently). There will be hints at his mother's wishes to make him a healer, not a fighter and why she did this. Her reasons were not entirely honourable.
It's just occurred to me that everyone is really depressed at the start of book 3. Maybe I should fix that. :\ But given how book 2 ends, it's kind of understandable... Ah well...

I got that fantastic and wonderful Doctor Who story 'The Mutants' the other day. Woot! It's not boring or ridiculous at all! XD
Am currently drinking some RUSSIAN TEA*!! Mmmm! I suddenly feel the urge to promote a political ideology where the workers control the means of production... :D

Back to work for the last two days. It's been a tad tense and I've tried to keep out of everyone's way. I've read a lot of The Dragonbone Chair and The Words of the Buddha in these two days. It was interesting that the first thing the chef said to me when I came in on Friday was "The toilets need cleaning. Go do that." :\ I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he's not trying to be an asshole.

I enjoy reading about Buddhism because I like spotting things referenced in Avatar: The Last Airbender (though it's more of a Taoist, Shinto and Hindu thing in that show, but Buddhism is an offshoot of Brahmanism which is an offshoot of Hinduism). Buddhism is most definitely the least offensive religion I am aware of - though, given its competition, that's not hard. It retains absurdities and things I avidly disagree with, of course (such as reincarnation, of course, karma and odd views on slavery and asceticism). But a lot of it makes for good science fiction. Of all the after-lives of all the religions I'm aware of, the Buddhist version of reincarnation is the least offensive. It's absurd and silly, of course. But it's better than the 'damned for eternity or forced to worship for eternity' of evangelical Christianity.
As far as I understand it, there are certain forms of Pali Buddhism there are alternate dimensions, other earths, one may be re-born into. There is rarely a view of an eternal soul, or spirit, but rather the "evolving consciousness" (samvattanika viññana). It's a constant progression and growing. There are many worlds to be born into, some at higher 'levels of bliss' than others. This earth is pretty high on the scale because the Buddha has been born here and his teachings are available (from all good bookshops). Which is interesting as so often a religion will paint this earth as bad, decrepit, sinful and so on, or to be in the middle, with hell below and heaven above. Pali Buddhists see this earth as a mark on a long gradient.
Anyway, you could be born into a better world. You get to 'try again' as it were. Ever improving, one would hope. Not always a straight path, they say. Sometimes one will take a step back, but if this re-birthing goes on forever, into eternity, eventually everyone will reach nirvana - could take a while though. There are some earths where the dominant beings are these god-like things. You could end up being one of them. Now THAT'S an after-life. Might even be better than eternal bliss; you get to be a GOD. I mean, eternal bliss is one thing, but having super powers? Forget about it! I WANNA MAKE LIGHTNING, FUCKERS!
Absolutely mad, but good sci-fi anyway.

And now for an advertisement...

Fun times? Maybe.

Diane, I've got three more episodes of Twin Peaks to watch. Should be interesting. *clicks Dictaphone off*

Today I went job hunting again. This time in Wigan (I never got a chance to go yesterday because I was feeling shitty and sick). Wigan is still an odd place and whenever I handed in a CV successfully (there was a lot of 'fuck you, we don't want any new staff') I tended to get looked at with disgust or confusion. :\

Well, I'm going to go back to the café tomorrow. I'm a little nervous and apprehensive about doing so. My father isn't really helping as every morning for the past week he's been having a series of very loud conversations with my mother about how he's thinking of closing the place down. Great, then I'd be unemployed AND feel responsible for three other people losing their jobs. Just what my self worth needs. D:
*rubs forehead with knife* Gah, what am I supposed to do? I know as soon as I walk in those bastards are going to go on at me about how they think I'm overreacting or how it'll be my fault if the business closes or that I'm just being lazy or some combination of all of that.
The internet isn't working at the café apparently, so I won't even have that. Maybe I'll be able to use my iPhone, but sparingly.

I suppose I could always set someone's beard on fire... That's an option...

In other news...

I've nearly finished Twin Peaks now. Hah, this shit is fucked up, but I kind of love it.
In an attempt to cheer myself up, I headed over to the 'Design some terrible Doctor Who merchendice' thread on Galifrey Base. It never fails to deliver one or two things to make you happy.

First up, Baker's choice Bacon.
Though I'm sure Colin would chose ALL BACON. OMNOMNOM!


And now, poor Paul McGann and his wonderful breakfast cereal.

Ah, a well balanced breakfast indeed. :D

Today I went job hunting like a mad man. In just one day I've applied for about thirty jobs - about as many as I'd done in the last month. We'll see what happens with all that, I suppose. My hopes are not high, but it's better than delving deeper into insanity at that cursed café.
I've also been able to do a lot more reading today. I'm making progress with The Dragonbone Chair at last. Though Tad Williams is a master of PADDING. I'm pretty sure this book could have been half the length it is. But, we'll see at the end if it was all absolutely needed for the story.
I've also been reading some Buddhist writings. They're intriguing, for sure. I think Siddhārtha Gautama, the Buddha, is an interesting character. I like his story, especially his leaving the royal family and his subsequent journey to enlightenment. The battle with the Mara (OMG! DOCTOR WHO REFERENCE FOR THE WIN) is one of my favourite parts - he concludes that the Mara, the Bhraman god of darkness and evil and shit, is actually a projection of his own ego and not real. This realisation is what allows Siddhartha to reach enlightenment. There are a few other Buddhist writings that take this further, saying that all gods are reflections of people's egos and one cannot become enlightened until they realise that the gods they worship are actually their own egos. I find this a very intriguing idea and I know a lot of the strong atheists of the world will contend something similar. However, the truth resists such simplicity - people join a religion or worship gods for various reasons and I do not think that it is all ego.
Of course, the Buddha's asceticism is something I have a problem with, too. Thankfully, he steers away from it a lot of the time. In the story of Siddhartha he spends several years as an ascetic, living in the woods, starving himself and abusing his body until he nearly died. Then he hears a man tuning his sitar and commenting to his apprentice, "If you tighten the string too much it will snap, if you leave it too lose it will not play." Taking this as a sign, Siddhartha leaves the ascetics, claiming that "enlightenment lies in the middle way." Not in the indulgence he had as a prince, and not in the asceticism he was practising. I like that. But there are some 'sayings of the Buddha' where he praises asceticism and calls it the 'holiest practice'. So... yeah... A religion with contradictions? Say it ain't so!

I'm going to go to Wigan tomorrow. Armed with about a million CVs! Wish me luck!
Blarg. I think I have a cold coming on. AGAIN! D:

I asked my father about changing my hours to what I'm actually paid for. He said no. Apparently, the new girl was hired on the job description being 'trainee chef' - which means she should be in the kitchen area learning the whatevers from Bigot McShit-cock. So, the 'front of house' stuff is not her job and they can't let her do that. *bangs head against spike*

What the hell do I do? I need some time away from that place because it's pushing me over the FUCKING LINE, to quote Harry Potter. It's got to the point where I wonder if I'd take serious injury over going into work. Like I've said before - it's not that it's a hard job or anything, it's just absolutely miserable. I'm surrounded by people who despise me, forced to work for less than half minimum wage and expected to be happy about it. Not to mention the fact that the building is COLD and filthy and dull and god I hate it.
Not even reading 'Sayings of the Buddha' could help me. (By the way, it is an interesting read - Buddha thinks that belief and worship of gods is 'unhelpful' and 'unhealthy'. I'm with you there, Buddha, me old chum. But he also thinks that human relationships are unhealthy and that to reach enlightenment one must be separate from absolutely everything - which strikes me as silly, if not impossible).

Ed Balls is the new Shadow chancellor. Now Labour's economic policies have got BALLS!! Sorry, had to do it. I don't even like the use of 'balls' to describe something as being 'courageous' or whatever balls means nowadays.

I found out today that I'm not overdrawn on my bank account! That hardly ever happens! Mind you, I've hardly bought anything since Christmas, except birthday presents for the twins - my youngest siblings who will be 18 on the 31st of this month. Oh, and Meglos. I bought Meglos. Because Meglos is awesome. It is, perhaps, the most appropriate use of the OMINOUS FACE.
Just so you all know...

Yeah... Well... My brother Jonathan and I were having a discussion about those who say 9/11 was 'an inside job'. At some point Jonathan said "7/7 was an inside job!"
"Of course," I said. "The bombers were INSIDE the buses / trains! And those trains were underground in an enclosed space! THEY WERE INSIDE THE EARTH! IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB!"
Which, of course, lead to, "The gunpowder treason was an inside job. He was INSIDE the houses of parliament!"
"1066 was an inside job! They were INSIDE Britain!"
"The Fall of Troy was an inside job! They were INSIDE the horse!"

*cough* This are serious historical studies. srsly.


Jan. 14th, 2011

The Doctor has always known that Stetsons are cool...

Went back to the dentist. He wanted to make sure the infection wasn't spreading further. He put some weird substance on the wound (it tastes like shit, by the way) and prescribed some antibiotics, just in case. So, with all hope, it will be fine from now on. :)


Not sure what to do, so any ideas will be appreciated...
I'm considering learning to drive as this will greatly increase the likelihood that I get another job. However, at £20 for every hour of lessons and another £50 for every test, it's not going to come cheap. Moreover, there are other things I want to do in the next few months that will also cost monies (the Doctor Who Experience thing, getting tDP to my editor again and saving for Finland). Given that I'm on £100 per week and am already about £50 overdrawn on my bank account, it's going to be hard to afford each of these things, so adding another expense is not ideal. But, learning to drive will, as I said, make getting another job easier. It may also mean that travel expenses to London for the DWE will not be so bad (I have no idea how much car travel costs, obviously).
But another major factor is the fact that I AM TERRIFIED OF CARS and this may impede my ability to learn quickly or well. I mean, I'm not a good swimmer, so if I drive into a lake I'm fucked. D:

On the note of tDP editorship, I'm probably going to be getting it all finalised by 31st of January (it's more convenient for my editor and for me, actually). I'm relatively happy with this 12th draft. A lot of the back story is getting tied up nicely, I think. A great help was going through the text and noting down every name and place that is mentioned and then writing a little description for each. Like a glossary, I suppose. But, in doing so, I recapped each character's history in more detail and was able to incorporate those details into the manuscript. The main one being the tohar invasion of Tsayad seven years before tDP - a glimpse of which we see in Meg's Nightmare induced flashback. This invasion has become central to the politics of a lot of the events. Mahal makes mention of it, as does Shomer and a few others.
Speaking of back stories, once I've sent tDP off, I'm going to start work on The Sea-Stone Sword, the first part of Rob's back story. I'll post the chapters of the first draft on my other journal, if you wish to read them. I'll even make a little banner for it today, probably. If I do, I'll edit this entry to include it. :)

That's interesting, isn't it?}

I'm going to plan it out first, as much as I can. I have no idea how long it will be, but I don't imagine it being as long as TDP because there's only one POV and not two. Curse of Facen (wich I'm thinking of re-naming at the moment, to 'The Ocean's Eye') will have three POVs and Timeless Stone and Flame Filled Sky will each have four.
We shall see, I suppose.

And finally, here's an amusing thing...

Ho ho ho.

Jan. 10th, 2011

Aaagh! I fail at dental health! D:
Although the antibiotics made the pain go away, reducing the infection back to its lowest level, it was still in a bad position. Had it been further up a root canal would have solved the problem, but because the infection had spread from the previous tooth, it was concentrated at the bottom of the root.
So, yeah, I had another tooth taken out. Not happy. And, yes, I actually fully passed out this time. Only for a few seconds. Last time I was all "Oh, this won't be bad, they'll use anaesthetic and I'll be out of there in a few minutes and we'll all go home with AAAAGHH GOD!!" so this time I knew how much it was going to suck and was literally shaking with fear before I went in. ;_;
Now I'm all swollen and in pain and want something to make it all stop. Or something to distract me.
Very cold milk seems to help, so I'm drinking that...


I booked my flights to and from Finland!! w000t!
Can't remember if I've mentioned it here, but, yeah, I'm going to Finland this year. 31st of July to the 13th August. There to meet internet people (specifically Barrow Downs people). I expect there to be fun times!
Fucking easyjet, though. Oh yeah, this will cost you £87! No wait, you want luggage? You crazy? That's another £25! What if we decide to cancle the flight? Insurance is another £20!

Now I need to go get a haircut...



The Random Photoshop Thread on Galifrey Base has made a turn for the highly disturbing with the new meme; Face Replaced...


I have to go back to work today. I wonder if I'll be dead before the end of the day...


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