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No sign of Jimmy Big Hands...

Sigh of relief here. Doctor Who, sorry, DoctAAARRRRR Who is quite good when Moffat isn't vomiting his smug, self satisfied face into your eyes.


Next week... The little white box from The War Games! Oooohh! It's the Neil Gaiman episode. Looks neat-o. With Moar TARDIS interior?? Possibly? And Green Ood!

It has been brought to my attention that Hugh Bonneville's character was called "captain Avory". In the First Doctor's story "The Smugglers" (filmed, like this one, in Cornwall), there was mention of "Cpatain Avory's cursed gold"... OoooOOoooHh! :D

Day of the whatsit

Today I've been feeling kind of down hearted and annoyed at everything. So today's Doctor Who should have cheered me up, shouldn't it? Shouldn't it?

The Steven Moffat Show. Not as good as doctor WhoCollapse )

Right. I need to calm down, now. It's not good for me.

In other news...

Work trial at the Dicconson Arms has been set for THIS Monday! Eeek! Will update if it changes AGAIN, but hopefully I'll get it. If I am given the job there will be much rejoicing! The money will hopefully pay off my overdraft and give me some spending cash for Finland times! Woo! So, wish me luck, you guys!
GOD!! Dial Up speed internet! This takes me back to the early twenty hundreds! Waiting hours for a two minute YouTube clip to load, making tea while Bulbapedia searches for an entry and prodding gmail every two minutes because it refuses to automatically refresh. :\

On the plus side, I've written nearly a whole chapter today! Would have been more but I had errands to run and had to check on the job position at the Dicconson Arms - apparently they'll let me know on Friday when my trial day will be. Eeeep! They've removed the 'staff wanted' sign... Is this a good thing?

In related news...
Father says he is planning to shut the café down for two weeks soon and have it refurbished by this new company he's going into business with. Well, good luck to him. Apparently brother Joshua may be taking over from me if I get the pub job.

On the way back from my walk to the pub I was followed by a little cat that kept jumping up at me. I want a cat now. :((

I've started reading The Hunger Games in your pants by Suzanne Collins (I gave up on The Sword of Shannara because it failed to entertain me). I'm almost half way through and it's pretty good so far. I've not read a lot of post-apocalyptic, dystopian future stuff. I've heard good things about it. So far few complaints other than some rather lazy characterisation. Perhaps it will be sorted out later.

And finally...

Here's a picture of my brother Jonathan taking my advice and wearing a French flag as a niqab veil (in protest to the French government's ban on all such Islamic face coverings)...

The nazi salute? Not sure what that's for... Maybe Sarkozy?

New trailer for Deathly Hallows Part 2!!!

EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! :D
Gargh! Internet is being buggered by internet pixies! Or, rather, there seems to be a problem with the phone lines in Parbold at the moment, meaning that internet connections are slower than a very slow thing indeed. YouTube is not worth the hassle, FaceBook is like the grave and LJ is just about standing up. Apparently it'll be fixed by Thursday, but we shall see. This all seems to have resulted, today anyway, in me doing some actual work on tDP. XD

No word yet on when my work trial will be re-scheduled to. I have to admit to a sense of panicked paranoia. I keep wondering if it was some rival for the job trying to get me to not show up, or if the guy will just forget about me and so on. Irrational and silly, I know, but it is bothering me. I wonder if I should go down there and ask to make sure. If it wasn't real, then it's a bit late now. And I don't want to seem like some obsessive crazy person... What? I know I AM an obsessive crazy person, but I don't want them to KNOW!

That's probably as long an entry as I dare make with this kind of connection. It's taking a few seconds between pressing a key and the letter showing up on the screen. :\


Apr. 25th, 2011

I start my new job tomorrow!! ... um... Today!!
I must spend most of my Monday stocking up on black shirts and trousers and possibly some new shoes.

Today was International Chocolate Appreciation Day! It was also St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen's Day. Oh, and apparently Easter or something as well. I only had a little chocolate today and felt sick - I've not had chocolate for a while, to be fair, if you discount Hot Chocolate drinks.

I also re-watched The Impossible Astronaut and I think I've got my feelings nailed down. I love Matt smith. I hate Steven Moffat. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you...

My Moffat Rant.Collapse )

*rubs forehead*

Okay, happy thoughts! Um... Someone give me happy thoughts!
An image the BBC released from tonight's episode...
Is the Doctor Regenerating!?! :o

Well, obviously not, because this is episode one of a new series... Unless this is the future Doctor or something?

Battle of the FREAKS!?

Okay, you guys. We need to get some things straight around here.

On my travels I've seen some pretty weird things. Freaks, you might say. If the Nestine Conciousness got hold of these things, then we'd all be fucked! In the ass! And face!
I am, of course, talking about the disturbing statues and waxworks of many exhibitions. So I have to ask you all to give your opinion. Which is the freakiest?

We have...

FREAK CHILD (Blackpool)Collapse )


WAX SMITH (London)Collapse )


FREAK POPE! (Edinburgh)Collapse )

So, my friends... What think you?

Poll #1729773 WHO IS FREAKIEST?!


FREAK CHILD (Blackpool)
WAX SMITH (London)
FREAK POPE (Edinburgh)

Now, if you'll excuse me, my head hurts and my stomach feels like it's being pulled inside out. I'm going to see if the chemist is open tomorrow and hope that they have something that will make me feel better, or else something I can use to blow my own brains out.

Apr. 8th, 2011

Who wants to see the Silence?

Spoilers will fall??Collapse )

That was fun, wasn't it?


Just found out the episode titles for series 6 of Who...

1) The Impossible Astronaut [Part 1]
2) Day of the Moon [Part 2]
3) The Curse of the Black Spot (lolololololol)
4) The Doctor's Wife
5) The Rebel Flesh [Part 1]
6) The Almost People [Part 2]
7) A Good Man Goes to War [Part 1]

And then we have to wait a few months for episodes 8-13. booo! :(

But, 'The Curse of the Black Spot' is a nice melodramatic title! We just need an 'of doom' title! Maybe we could change it to "The Doctor's Wife... OF DOOM!" or "The Day of the DOOM!" *cough*


Someone just PMed me this video on YouTube...

I have no idea what they're trying to say by doing this to me. D:

Apr. 5th, 2011

The wonderful people of Five Second Films posted a 170-second film. A parody of that show Mad Men, I think. But so, so much funnier than that. XD


Today I walked to Wrightington to apply for a job. It was probably pointless, but there was some nice scenery around. Not a lot of pavement, so there was some hilarious jumping out of the way of cars going on. I should probably be in prison right now; there are surely laws against it?

Very productive day in terms of writing. I got a chapter and a half done. Am writing my first Yehab POV chapter. What I'm enjoying most in this new draft is exploring characters who were once side characters but are now more. It's fun. It forces me to think about them more.
But it is going to make the book much, much longer. At the moment I'm looking at this as my list of PoV characters...

Philip, Diyn, Meg, Rob, Yehab, Ran, Gakhar.

Gakhar will only get two or three chapters, but still.
A lot of the writing sucks in this draft, but I'm just ploughing through for now. I want it DONE so I can improve it, if that makes any sense at all? :s

Today I realised that Game of Thrones is starting soon! Two weeks, in fact. SEAN BEAN TIME! Looking at the trailers though I'm worried they'll make Catelyn Stark a bit too 'bitter old woman', which she never really struck me as in the first book. Though I do think she went that way (understandably).
Also, A Dance With Dragons is out in two months! So I'd better get to rereading A Feast For Crows soon. Even though it's my least favourite book in the series so far.

It's going to be an epic month or two as far as watchable stuff is concerned. Doctor Who! Game of Thrones! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 on DVD! Planet of the Spiders on DVD! And other stuff, I'm sure.

Apr. 1st, 2011

Doop de doo...

I'm unhappy with the lack of Yorkshire Doctor in this trailer, but beggars can't be choosers, I suppose. Lot's of planets have a Yorkshire. I like that, actually. In fact...

Amy: Are we in Yorkshire?
Doctor: Space Yorkshire, actually. Lots of planets have a Yorkshire.
Amy: Is there a space Lancashire?
Doctor: Oh no. There's only one Lancashire.


Anyway, do I have anything of worth to say?

Today at work it was the café's first anniversary of opening. I actually am a little shocked by this. Doesn't feel like a year. :s
I did get to spend about two hours blowing up helium balloons! That was fun! SQUEAKY VOICE FTW!
Another odd thing was that both the trainee chef and Nicola were off. Trainee with tonsillitis and Nicola with a bruised rib (which she got from a fight, apparently. I did ask if she won, but she didn't tell me...)

In other news...

I got the Sword of Shannara trillogy from Waterstones the other day. It was on offer, so I thought 'what the hell?'. I'm only two chapters in and... It's a bit shit. Maybe it's the let down after reading Otherland, which was so good. I'll give it to chapter ten and if there's no improvement I'll put it aside for a while, I think.

And finally...

May be meeting nobleplatypus in Edinburgh in a week and some change! w00t! Now only one question remains... What the hell is there to do in Edinburgh? I suppose there's that café that J K Rowling used to go to (The Elephant House). And the castle. Can't forget the castle.



Grab yourself a towel and make sure you've got somewhere to lie down...

What's that I see? The Eccelston TARDIS? A Nimon? Pirates? Terminous soldiers? A Nimon? That TARDIS from the Lodger with a Silent in it? A Nimon? A sad clown? A FREAKING NIMON!?!

Fear me! I killed all of them.

All that 'I've been running my whole life. Now it's time for me to stop'. Perhaps a connection to why the Doctor ran away from Gallifrey with his borrowed TARDIS? Those whole 'pressing matters' that meant he had to go in a hurry?

Can't think about much else right now...
Yesterday it was the birthday party for younger brother Levi's girlfriend and we all got invited. Nothing makes you feel more like a social outcast than going to a party, really. Well, I imagine I would have been able to get through it had I know anyone there. As it was, it was mainly just Matt and I meandering around dressed stupidly (it was fancy dress (I went as Business Wizard, of course [matt said he'd kick me in the shins if I went as 11 D: ])). I never pass on an opportunity to dress stupidly.
The "mc" for the night was an absolute ass hat. He seemed to have been drunk from right about two minutes into the proceedings. He had a set of 'games' he wanted everyone to join in on. He only managed to get a few volunteers each time. The worst was when he convinced three or four people to get down on their knees and drink cheap beer from bowls on the floor.
"My god!" I said to Matt. "It's like watching George Osborn give the budget!!"

Woo! I've just watched my computer clock jump forward the extra hour. *blows party blower*

In other news...

I've nearly finished the Otherland series. It's cheesy in places, but I found it rather addictive and have stuck with it. As each of the four volumes is around 1000 pages each, that's not bad going. If you've got plenty of time to waste, I definitely recommend it.

And finally...

The protests in London today... Had to keep track of them via twitter on my iPhone during a very slow day at work (I may as well have gone down to join the protests, actually :\ ). It all sounded rather exciting and peaceful. When I got home I saw the BBC reporting on some small violence, but did say it was a breakaway group and that the vast majority was peaceful. For a laugh, I turned to Sky News, who were reporting that "THE PROTESTS HAVE TURNED VIOLENT! THERE ARE OVER HALF A MILLION PEOPLE IN THESE MARCHES! THE POLICE ARE ON HIGH ALERT! LONDON MAY NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!" Oh, Murdock press, you never fail to make mountains out of potholes.
Best twitter quote came from Charlie Brooker (@charltonbrooker); "According to my shit maths, if 200 people cause trouble at a protest with 500,000 attendees, the media will focus on 0.04% of the story."

Feeling kind of sick at the moment. Urgh. Hope I've not caught something. D:


Not much information there, but... meh... Exciting times! :D

An interesting thing has been noted by some on the forums. The trailer aired simultaneously on BBC1 and BBC2 with one slight difference between them...

Possible Spoilers??Collapse )

Well, I'd better attempt to sleep or something now. I wonder how that will work out...
I just had my first EVER job interview!!

And... well... It could have gone a lot better, I think. :((

I mumbled and stumbled over words a lot - lost my train of thought half way through sentences and I think they saw through my bullshit. They asked why I wanted this job and I rambled on about how I'd worked for my father for years and wanted something more 'professional' and that this was 'a start'. Which is only half true. And I think they could tell I was making stuff up. When asked to give examples of how organised I was I was silent for what felt like an hour. I then gave some random reply about how I'd sorted the accounts files at Words a couple of times. They didn't seem convinced.
Also, they asked if I could drive and when I said "No, I'm working on it!" they started writing stuff down with a shake of the head. Not a good sign, I thought.

Anyway, they said they'd be 'in touch', which I think translates literally as "OMG YOU SUCK FUCK OFF!"

Sad panda.

In other news...

I'm playing Pokémon Black!! I went into town yesterday with a load of CVs and a vague idea about buying some crisps. I then wandered into Gamestation where they had an offer on Nintendo DS consoles (Buy a second hand one with Pokémon Black or White from £55). I got a rather beaten up DS that has about twelve minutes of battery life. But... POKEMONSSS!!!!
I've just defeated the second Gym Leader and have this team;

Servine (Lvl 21)
Roggenrola (Lvl 20)
Sawk (Lvl 19)
Purrloin (Lvl 19)
Blitzle (lvl 18)
Panpour (lvl 18)

It's great! Though training pokémon is annoying - grinding for hours on Patrats and Venipedes takes its toll on your sanity after a while. But it's really addictive at the same time.
So... back to work! GO PANPOUR!!! :D



Let us all remember the birth (and crucifixion) of our lord and breakfast, Baby Pancake!

Such a brave pancake!


Mar. 4th, 2011

I just finished talking to my editor.
We got a lot finalised in terms of the changes we agree should be made and what comes next. He's told me that if I want to, I can send him the next draft when it's done and he'll read over it and comment on it free of charge! Huzzah!
He thought the prologue was pretty much spot on, so I'm going ahead with the full re-write. I'm under no illusions as to how long this is going to take. But I'll probably need to be kicked in the teeth a few times to stay motivated, especially if I don't get this post room job and remain unemployable for the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, I'm going to give it my best shot and see what happens.
The main change is going to be in the PoVs. In the last draft I tried to make it just Meg and Diyn. But this time I'm going to shift to more. Philip, Rob, Ran and Yehab will get their own chapters. I've already thought of how to divide it up, like so...

Read more...Collapse )

Some of the chapter titles may change, I may add more in, but this is the rough outline I'm working with at the moment. I'm also happy with some of the other changes I'm making with regards to Sear the Seer, Rob and the Air Keepers. The events of the Sea-Stone Sword will also become more important now. I am very enthusiastic about this new draft!

One issue that came up was the title and, indeed, the whole 'Dinosaur Prince' thing. Hal, the editor, says that he thinks the phrase 'dinosaur' and especially the connection with 'terrible sauros' is a bit of a 'reality breaker' - ie it reminds him of the real world and so breaks the spell, as it were. Anyone else agree? I always liked the title 'Dinosaur Prince' as a sort of cool little 'this is what you can expect' title. Because dinosaur brings with it a certain amount of imagery so people will get an impression of what the sauros may look a bit like. But then, if it's a sort of spell breaker, I may have to think about it more.
Any ideas, anyone?

In other news...

Today at the café things were a little tense.
Apparently, during the week, a customer phoned my father to complain about the staff. He won't tell us who it was that upset the person in question, (not me, I note, as the incident happened on Wednesday, so phew!). This seemed to result in the two chefs and Nicola jabbing at one another, being irritable and staying away from customers, leaving me to deal with 99% of the business. Which didn't bother me too much.
At the end of the day, my father gathered the others together for a meeting, so presumably he's told them what and who the complaint was about. So, maybe tomorrow will be different??

In other, other news...

Got the tickets to The Doctor Who Experience today! :D ~~EXCITING~~
I'm going to see if there's an Apple Store in London and if it's easy to get to. I may pop in and ask about getting the headphones socket fixed... But I can't leave it there if they CAN fix it... Suppose I could give them my address to send it on to, or else just take it to the one in Liverpool or Manchester??

And finally...

I may be getting the new Pokémon game next week... OH GOD!
For someone who does very little besides sit at his computer writing about dinosaurs, I seem to update this journal a lot, don't I?

Today I got a little bit bored. And then this happened...


Well. Um. I hope you all... enjoyed that?

I has a less lulzy Brig icon!

Here is Babelcolour's wonderful tribute to Nick Courtney, who died last week. Sad times.

In the News today...

Booked the Doctor Who Experience for next Thursday!! whooo! :D It will be awesome! I'm told you get to pilot the TARDIS at one point. Oh. May. Ga!! *FREAKS OUT*
Expect lots of pictures of proskynesis and me pissing around the exhibits and generally making nuisances of ourselves. I wonder if we'll get thrown out. XD
Speaking of London, I have a vague ambition to, one day, go to Buckingham palace and get a photo of myself giving it the middle finger. And possibly doing the same to one of the beefeaters. I'd kind of like to do the same at that fucking royal wedding that's coming up. Anyone know if there will be protests? I hope there will be. I want an excuse to carry a 'Tory scum' sign, and that seems like the perfect time. :P

Anyway, in other news...

Does anyone have any tips on what to do in an interview!? D:
I'm kind of panicking at the moment because I have seriously NEVER had a job interview before!! I mean, it's only a Post Clerk job, but... What do they ask you? What do I say? HOW MANY TIES SHOULD I WEAR!? Oh god, do I need nicer shoes? My smartest shoes are kind of worn down and I can't afford new ones. Do I risk it? *panic panic panic panic*
They usually ask if you want to ask questions, right? What the hell do I ask? I kind of want to know if I'll ever be able to increase my hours (for moar monies in the lead up to Finland moot). But I have no idea if that's against interview etiquette.
Even though this is totally not going to happen... What if they offer me a medical plan with Bupa or something? I have a moral objection to Bupa! What do I do? What if they're insulted? They're a solicitors specialising in personal injury claims - what if they like private medical care above the NHS?! Aaaagghh!
What if they tell me to do a dance!?! I'M TERRIBLE AT DANCING!
What if they make me take my trousers off!?
What if they ask me to kill a man?

And finally...

My Apple products are being weird. First Poddy Mk2's headphones socket breaks down. Now iPhoney refuses to actually ring when someone calls it. It's not on silent, either. I CHECKED! I even used the home phone to test it.
Just checked it again and it's working now. Strange. :s
Work today was SLLOOOWWWW. I was quite preoccupied, though, with thinking through the upcoming changes to TDP. I went as far as snatching a piece of paper and writing down some time-lines and other notes to use. Some other major plot developments have come to mind as well; something regarding Rob's previous encounters with Teresis, the Air King and another to do with Sear the Seer.
Also, the Final Gate will get an earlier mention than originally planned - it was going to get a mysterious allusion at the end of book 2 to be realised midway through book 3. But given Sear's connection to it, I feel okay with mentioning it now. Also, it's an excuse for some amusing misdirection in book 2. XD

Anyway, the day's work was essentially standing around waiting for something to happen. But it didn't. There were about five customers all day, so it was more or less a waste of time. I overheard my father commenting on the new figures from the Office for National Statistics (which said that the UK's GDP has slipped by .6%), which he thinks mean a double dip recession is on the way. One he has little hope of the café surviving, let alone growing through.
So, it's possible that within a few months I'll be out of a job. Again. -_-
My hope is that I'll be able to put some money away for Finland before then... I just have to get out of my overdraft first. :\ (I seem to be perpetually in that overdraft, don't I?)

In happier news...

I got home to find two package waiting for me. First, my blood donor card, telling me what my Blood type is (O positive). Secondly, a T-Shirt of the 5th Doctor's costume.

I want them to make a 6th Doctor version. There's a Four shirt on Forbidden Planet too. I wonder if they'll end up doing all the Doctors??

Last night's episode of '10 O'Clock Live' made me want David Mitchell to play Ed Milliband in some sort of political drama. IS THIS WRONG!?! XD
Today my editor sent back the notes for The Dinosaur Prince. 40 pages of notes (It is a nearly 450 page manuscript, after all). It seems like I've got a long way to go on it, still. A lot of the problems from the last draft have been dealt with, but this seems to have revealed other problems - nothing as major, but definitely time consuming to fix. He mentioned, in passing, last time, that I'd screwed up the PoV in places - I thought I'd fixed it, but I may have actually made it worse. But I think I understand what he means now and I've got a plan on how to deal with it.
A lot of the changes are in clarification. Making the story and the back story clearer. I'm far too vague, apparently, wanting the reader to do more work. Also, I should make some of the characterisation forefront; especially from Wybren whose motivation seems conflicted and hidden (honestly, I think I just forgot to put the scene where he explains himself into that draft D: I've got it somewhere, so I'll weave it in).
The relations between the toharim and the zabalim needs fixing up properly. Because of the way the 'tribe' system works, it causes some confusion. The same goes for Sear the Seer. Meg should really be uncertain as to whether he's a tohar or not, thinking that a sauros with hair could be a tohar, but what's a tohar doing out here? Because she's well aware that the Grey-Sauros have hair.

The PoV seems to be the main problem. I think it would benefit from a third person limited narrator. I wanted to use this (and did in earlier drafts) but was thrust away from it in university where I was told that it was 'lazy' and 'prone to telling and not showing' and was generally disparaged. So I've tried, often, to go for a more omniscient narrator where I can. But it looks like switching back will work best for the story as it will allow much better characterisation (i.e. characters can internally reflect on things, giving more back story and clarifying motivation - another thing I was warned against in uni). In fact, I get the distinct feeling that much of my university writing training tended towards vagueness and obfuscations. :\

Geography is another issue I need to nail down - I want it to be readable without the map... But I may cheat and have someone look at a map of Adonia, because it's difficult to describe without reference to it. It is a very odd shape.

Urgh. It's going to be a lot of work. I think I'll start on rewriting the prologue, e-mail him what I'm doing to make sure I'm headed in the right direction before I dive right into the whole M/S.

In other news...

YouTube is being weird with me. Google Chrome won't load videos on the YouTube sight, but it will when they're embedded. It's also being a bastard and not letting me embed videos. Let me see if it's working...

Can anyone see the above video??

If it doesn't sort itself out by tomorrow, I think I'll go back to using Safari or, shock horror, firefox! D:


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